Liturgical and Catechetical Ministries

We are a parish family with many and varied gifts offered for the service of God’s people. Our ministries, committees and organizations are staffed by volunteers who share their time and talent. These are the heart and soul of our parish family-individuals who minister to members of our parish, our community, our neighbors. It is our hope that you will find in these pages opportunities for you to share your gifts with members of our parish family and enable others to come to know the God who loves them.

Liturgical Ministries


The purpose of the Music Ministry is to enhance our liturgies with song and music. Cantors lead the singing of praise at the liturgies and present both the Responsorial Psalm and the General intercessions. Cantors inform the assembly of any changes or additions to the liturgy of that day and go over new assembly music with all who are gathered. The cantors practice on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 pm in the church sanctuary.


Sunday Choir

Members of the Sunday choir assist the assembly gathered at 10:30 Sunday liturgy and at special liturgies throughout the year. The Ministry of Music is none other than the Lord’s song and to gather the many voices into one song of praise. Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings beginning at 7:00 pm in the church.


Youth and Adult Altar Servers

This ministry trains young people to participate in the Mass and to assist the priest at liturgy. This ministry is open to girls and boys who have completed third grade. It is required of those wishing to be servers to participate in the training sessions which are held on two Sundays after the 12 noon Mass. Servers are scheduled to serve once or twice a month.
Adult Servers This ministry is particularly for funeral liturgies and is open to both women and men.



The ministry of Lector is open to all parishioners, youths and adults. The ministry of Lector is a share in the work of the Lord’s Spirit who opens the hearts of those assembled to God’s holy Word. The Lector is to proclaim the true and saving Word of God; to proclaim that Word which challenges, confronts and captures the hearts of the assembly. The Lector invites those assembled to feed at the table of the Word that all may become as one in their knowledge and love of the living God. Annual training sessions are offered for those wishing to be a Lector.



Environment and Art

Members need not be artists or crafts persons although these qualities are helpful. What is asked is a willingness to participate and do what is necessary for any given occasion – that is, meeting, planning, setting up and taking down liturgical environments for various liturgies and feasts.


Eucharistic Minister

Any member of the parish who has been confirmed may be commissioned as an Eucharistic Minister. To be called from among the community, you must have an essential unity between your life inside and outside the liturgy; in other words, ministers should show themselves to be generous and self-giving.



The Greeter is the first of Christ’s faces to greet God’s people as they assemble for prayer. The ministry is one of welcome and hospitality; to introduce strangers, to care for the needs of those assembled. The Ministry of Greeter is part of Saint Edward Parish hospitality ministry. It is composed of parishioners who heed the call to welcome all who gather. They are present to all who enter our Church with a word of greeting and an offer of assistance. The ministry complements our Ushers ministry and works in tandem with them.



The Ministry of Usher is one of hospitality more than of collection-taking and door- tending. This ministry is open to both men and women of the parish who want to pray, sing, participate, and assist the community in a variety of ways. Their gracious manner as they distribute participation materials, attend to the special needs of parishioners, help parents with infants, and assist the elderly, helps set the tone of hospitality that ultimately pervades the entire gathered community.




“Whoever is called ‘to teach Christ’ must first seek ‘the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus’… From this loving knowledge of Christ springs the desire to proclaim him, … to lead others to him.  Catechists teach students in grades 1-8 according to the curriculum of the Diocese of Youngstown.  They are to be practicing Catholics who live in the Spirit of Jesus, participate in the sacramental life of the Church, and know and witness to the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.  Catechists are to demonstrate an ongoing academic and spiritual growth that is a lived priority in order to nurture personal and communal faith.  They are to be certified or working toward certification according to Diocesan Office of Religious Education certification guidelines.  They need to be in compliance with the Diocesan Policy on Child Protection 



The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the Church’s ritual process for calling adults to a conversion of mind and heart and preparing them for a full and active life in the Church as disciples of Jesus.  The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults adapted for Children of Catechetical Age, usually around the age of reason, seven years of age, is also available.  The process may take from one to two years.  Volunteers are needed for the team in a variety of ministries: catechists, sponsors, godparent, hospitality, music leader, and support staff.



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