Third Sunday of Easter

Third Sunday of Easter

Third Sunday of Easter

Read Sunday’s gospel, Luke 24:13-35

Gospel Summary
At the end of Luke’s gospel, the disciples were still trying to understand what happened to Jesus, and Jesus was still trying to help them figure it out. Following his resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples again. They still had a hard time recognizing him and figuring out if he was a ghost. To help them know he was really there with them, Jesus ate a piece of fish and asked the disciples to go out into the world to tell others the Good News. The early Church of Luke’s community had the same problem, and much of Luke’s writing was intended to help these new Christians see that the resurrection was indeed real. As he did at the Last Supper Jesus once again broke bread with the disciples and offered them his body.

Reflection for Families
Changes take place in all of us that prevent people who have not seen us for some time from recognizing us. When friends and relatives see our children after a long absence, they almost always comment on the changes in size, height, hair color, voice, and mannerisms. While Jesus appeared changed to the disciples and we have never even seen him at all, we still know he is with us. Each week at Eucharist, Jesus appears to us. Sometimes it is we who have to change in order to recognize Jesus and receive the joy he brings us in the Eucharist.

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family
Bring a globe or world map to your family prayer table or area. Try to name as many places as you can where the Good News has reached the people of the world. Share your ideas with one another about what this means to us Christians and Catholics. How are we united throughout the world? What work still lies ahead for us? How can we help accomplish that work? Conclude your discussion by praying for our church and its missionaries.

Discussion Starters

I have helped bring the Good News into the world by…
One way I see the breaking of the bread build up the family of our parish is by…
One of the best examples I have recently seen (or heard of) where someone shares the Good News is…

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