Read: John 20:19-23

Gospel Summary
Because we are celebrating the sending down of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples, you may want to also consider the second reading for 1 Corinthians 12:3b-7, 12-13. In this reading Paul helps us understand the Gifts of the Spirit. There are many gifts of the Spirit, Paul explained, although they all come from one God. The Spirit comes to each of us that we may use our gifts to work for goodness. Even though we each have a variety of gifts, together we can use them for the glory of God.

Reflection for Families
This reading is like the person who got tired of hearing the same excuse: “I’m too busy.” We all are given the same 24 hours each day and each one of us chooses how to spend them. Of course we have responsibilities and there are probably things we would rather do, but even so, we determine how we will fill our time. It is the same with gifts. Through the Spirit we are all given gifts and it is up to us how and for whom we will use them. It is our diversity that binds us together as children of God, each one of us using our gifts for the good of all.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Sketch a simple figure of a body and call it by your family name. Label parts of the body such as ears, eyes, hands, feet, etc. and consider which members of the family are those parts of the whole body. For example, who is a good listener? Whose eyes are good a finding lost items? Who helps out at home doing extra chores, and who walks the dog? Certainly more than one person can claim a part. When you are finished, you will marvel at how many gifts you have together as a family.

Discussion Starters
1. One of the strongest gifts we have as a family is . . .
2. I have seen the Holy Spirit at work in our community when . . .
3. Like the apostles, I have felt abandoned before, but my “Pentecost” came when . . .

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