Fourth Sunday Of Easter

Fourth Sunday Of Easter

Fourth Sunday Of Easter

Gospel Summary
Using the image of shepherd and sheep, Jesus made an analogy for us to listen to the voice of God. Sometimes we are distracted by other voices that Jesus called “thieves.” These thieves rob us of our desire to follow Jesus. True sheep, however, know the voice of the shepherd. The shepherd provides safety and life for the sheepage

Reflection for Families

Imagine your child wandering off in a crowd of strangers – perhaps at an amusement park or a shopping mall. After an anxious period of separation, your child hears your voice above all the others calling out his or her name. The relief and joy your child would feel is the same emotion Jesus promises us when we follow his voice. The thieves that separate us from our children are not necessarily people. Sometimes we allow thieves of busyness, work priorities or even social engagements to steal control of our lives. This Gospel reminds us it is better to listen to the trusted voice of the Good Shepherd.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Think of a person or group of people your family knows who needs to be “shepherded” (or cared for). Decide on an action you can all do together to help this person. When you have completed the service, talk over with one another how your family’s “shepherding” was similar to the shepherding Jesus talked about in today’s Gospel. Consider whether or not your service shepherded your own family as well.

Discussion Starters

1. I know Jesus cares for me because . . .
2. As a family we shepherd one another by . . .
3. Some thieves in my life are . . .

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