No Time For God? Creating a Spiritual Plan for the Year

No Time For God? Creating a Spiritual Plan for the Year

No Time For God? Creating a Spiritual Plan for the Year

For the last few weeks, we’ve taken our spiritual pulse, looked at the first steps, and discerned various prayer methods.  This week, let’s pull all of this together to create a spiritual plan for the year so that our relationship with God is not something we just pick up in our spare time, but the relationship that is the center of our lives.
Often on retreats or during talks, I invite people to walk through a worksheet that helps them create a spiritual plan for their lives.  This activity invites people to look at not only their prayer lives, but the whole package of tools to support us on our faith journey.  

In addition, I invite people to consider how they want God to impact other areas of their lives so that their lives are integrated with their faith and not separate.  

Once you create your spiritual plan, commit to it and begin leaning into it!  Throughout the year, re-evaluate your plan and refine it if needed.  

Now, let’s get started on living the intentional lives of prayer we want to live!


Integrating Our Faith Into Daily Life


Our faith lives are not separate from the rest of our lives, but integrated and connected.  I know many of us make goals every year.  The key question I invite you to reflect on now is…How do I want my relationship with God and my prayer life to influence:


My Personal life (health, friendships, activities, hobbies, etc)?


My Professional life?


My Family?


My Community?  (Church, school, city, state, country, global)?


My Finances? 


My Decisions?

  • Are there any smaller decisions that I really want to seek God’s guidance on this year?
  • Are there any major decisions I want to seek God’s guidance on this year?

 Download PDF  file

Creating Space


  • My space of prayer will be…..
  • My place of prayer will be….
  • My time of prayer will be….
  • My methods of prayer will be….


  • Thin Places:    These are the “thin places” that help me more easily connect with God….
  • Friend Support:  Who are the people in my life that will foster my growth in God?
  • Family Support: What support do I need from my family to help me grow in my faith right now?
  • My Family’s Spiritual Life:  What does my family need in terms of our family’s prayer life? In terms of our faith?  In terms of growing in God?
  • Community:  Who encourages me on my journey?  Is there anyone I feel I want to reach out to as I continue my faith journey? Do I want to consider working with a spiritual director?  (More resources on spiritual direction can be found here.)



  • Mind:  What books/writers/saints do I want to read to develop and strengthen my faith?
  • Growth:  What activities do I want to take part in as part of my plan to continue to strengthen my faith?
  • Temptations:  What do I need to be aware of that can pull me away from keeping my relationship with God a priority?

Download PDF File

Like anything new we start, as we begin our plan, we may realize we need to make a few tweaks.  Let’s remember as we commit to growing in God and making time for prayer on our calendar that we are not doing this alone.  The Holy Spirit is with us, guiding us, and showing us the way. 
Our community of faith supports us on our journey also.  We are not alone.  And know that as you make your plan and live your plan, I will be praying for you!  

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