No Time For God? Discerning How God Wants You to Spend Time Together.

No Time For God? Discerning How God Wants You to Spend Time Together.

No Time For God? Discerning How God Wants You to Spend Time Together.

Dear Friend, 

It’s hard to believe we are already in week 3 of our series!  Were you able to find your time of prayer, place of prayer, and space of prayer?  Once you do find it, consider sharing a picture of your space of prayer with us via social media using the hashtag:  #TimePlaceSpace.  

Now that you know your time and place of prayer, let’s turn to picking a prayer method or as I like to say, let’s discern how God wants to spend time with you in this season of life.  

This week involves two main tasks: 

  1. Building a toolbox of prayer tools
  2. Deciding on ONE prayer method to commit to daily 

Know that I am praying for you on this journey!


Week 3 of 4:  Discerning How God Wants You to Spend Time Together

As we set out to make intentional time for God in our lives, it is important to consider not only our time, place, and space to be with God, but also to discern how God is inviting us to spend time together.  Like any relationship, what we do together and how we spend time together changes over time based on what is happening in life. 

Looking at my friendships in my own life, I can name many that started out as social friends I met at gatherings or parties in my early twenties.  As life evolved and we got married and had children, how we spent time together changed. Our life circumstances did not alter our desire to spend time together, but it did require us to be more intentional about how and when we spend our time together.  
The same is true with God. Our relationship with God needs this same type of freedom and organic growth to allow for the ongoing shifts and changes of life.  

At the same time, our relationship with God requires intentional commitment to decide not only when we will be together, but also how we will spend our time together.  

As I look at my own history of prayer, I see a wide array of prayer methods that supported me in certain seasons of life to grow in God.  Each were gift.  One not better than the other, and the variety of ways to be with God add to the beautiful repertoire of prayer methods available to us. With every season of life, I am invited to consider how God wants to spend time with me and how I can realistically give time to God.  

Build an Arsenal of Prayer Tools

As a spiritual director, I listen and notice what prayer method is working and supporting the person in growing in their relationship with God.  At times, I am offering new prayer methods to consider, and other times I am inviting them back to a tried and true practice of prayer.  For the long-haul, it is helpful to have an arsenal of prayer tools  that will support you over time and through the many seasons of life and many seasons of our faith lives. 

What Can We Include in Our Prayer Toolbox?  

  • Worship:  Weekly and regular attendance at mass or our weekly church service
  • Traditional Prayers:  This includes the traditional prayers we were perhaps taught as a child, as well as other ways that might nurture us along in our faith journeys such as, Novenas, Devotions, Adoration, the Rosary, Litanies, and other memorized prayers.  
  • Bible Studies & Prayer Groups: Praying with others, sharing faith and life moments, allows us to know Christ in community, and in the lived experienced of laying down your life for another.

Each of these types of prayer have their place and gift in our faith journey.  There are many options for prayer, and I am a firm believer in being open to the many ways to be with God.   What might some of your prayer tools already be?  

Committing to One Prayer Method:

To make space for prayer in a busy calendar, though, I suggest you pick ONE prayer method for you to use in your daily time, place, and space of prayer.  

As mentioned last week, St. Igantius’ wisdom is to stick with our place, posture and method of prayer until it no longer works for us.  Stay with your prayer method until it exhausts itself and you feel God inviting you to another way of being together. 
That is not to say that on any given day you might engage in multiple prayer methods, but like an exercise routine, it helps to have consistency and repetitiveness so that you get acclimated to your prayer routine. 

Two New Tools: 

This week, I would like to offer you two prayer methods that help me commit to daily prayer within the busyness of life.  

  1. The Examen
  2. Lectio Divina 

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