With A Little God Does A Lot!

With A Little God Does A Lot!

With A Little God Does A Lot!

Read the Gospel: Mark 12:38-44

Gospel Summary

Once again we hear the story today of the widow who gave from her meager funds. Jesus and the disciples were seated near the collection box and watched as people dropped money in. Among the people was a widow who had very little money but gave two copper coins. The coins weren’t worth very much, especially in contrast to the amount dropped into the boxes by rich people. But Jesus pointed out to his friends that the woman’s offering was especially valuable. She gave not from her extra money, but from the only money she had.

Reflection for Families

It is true that today, just a short trip to the mailbox, or answering the telephone will provide more than ample opportunity to share our wealth with others. Someone is always asking for our financial help and in most cases, for a very good cause. There are people in need and people who want to help them. Agencies try to bring us and those in need together. Of course, we can’t say yes to everyone–especially if we are part of a young family who needs to eat, be clothed, and educated. But how often do we give the standard response of “no,” for whatever reason. Are we really unable to help or are we just tired of being asked? If we truly do not have the funds to help, have we honestly searched for ways we can give something other than cash?

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family

Sit down with your parish bulletin, the local newspaper, or the stack of donation requests in today’s mail. As a family, consider if there are any needs that touch the hearts of your family members. Select one organization or cause that you will choose to support as a family. Consider what each person might give up in order to contribute financially to the cause. If it is too challenging to give money, find out what you can do that won’t cost more than your time and energy. Commit to a plan as a family to help provide for this endeavor.

Discussion Starters:

  • I needed someone’s help once when . . .
  • When someone asks for my help, sometimes I have to say “no,” because . . .
  • When I say “no” to someone’s plea for help I feel . . .

One thought on “With A Little God Does A Lot!

  1. Cathy

    The issue for Christians today is to ask not only how we might model the widow’s generosity to God but how we can imitate God’s generosity toward the widow and those like her who have given all to God’s service.

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