Enter Through the Narrow Door

Enter Through the Narrow Door

Enter Through the Narrow Door

We have an ongoing small group that meets regularly to pray together, read the Sunday Scriptures, share faith and discuss what is happening in our lives and in the world around us.  Here are the resources for our next gathering: Dec 14th!

Sunday Readings

Fourth Sunday of Advent

To the point: The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary to conceive the Savior of the world, inspired Elizabeth to extol Mary and the “fruit of [her] womb,” and prompted the unborn John to leap for joy. This same Holy Spirit overshadows,inspires, and prompts those who believe to “set out” “in haste” to touch others with divine Presence.

Connecting the Gospel
to the second reading: The gospel discloses Mary and Elizabeth’s willingness to do God’s will; the second reading affirms Christ’s willingness to do the will of his Father.

to experience: When do we drop everything and go “in haste” to someone? Frequently we do so when a tragedy happens, such as a serious accident or sudden death. We also go “in haste” for joyful events, such as an imminent birth. Momentous events galvanize us. How momentous the event that brought Mary “in haste” to Elizabeth!

Connecting the Responsorial Psalm
to the readings: In the responsorial psalm for the Fourth Sunday of Advent we pray to God, “let us see your face and we shall be saved.” And where does God direct our vision? Beyond the face of the newborn Jesus to the face of the grown Christ carrying out God’s will (second reading). And through the face of Christ to the faces of one another who, “consecrated” through Christ’s offering, are now the Body of Christ continuing to shine the face of salvation upon the world. In this Sunday’s liturgy we celebrate God’s incarnation in human flesh— Christ’s, Mary’s, and ours. Beyond all expectation, God has indeed heard our prayer; beyond all expectation, God has indeed shown us the divine face!


For reflection
• I feel the Holy Spirit overshadowing me by . . . inspiring me when . . . prompting me to . . .
• My believing looks like Mary’s when . . .like Elizabeth’s when . . .
• I leap for joy because of the birth of Christ when . . .


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3 thoughts on “Enter Through the Narrow Door

  1. Cathy

    In the daily routine of family life, power struggles seem unavoidable. Whenever two or more people live together, there will be occasions of disagreement and attempts to exert influence over each other. Today’s Gospel can be an invitation to consider how authority is exercised in our household. There is a temptation to exercise our authority in ways that show our power over others. Especially when conflicts emerge, many of us rely upon the power we believe our role gives to us. Jesus teaches us that there is a more persuasive form of leadership. In these daily challenges we have the opportunity to practice and teach the kind of service and leadership Jesus modeled for us in his ministry and in his passion and death.

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