Our Door is Open, Our Table is set, There is a place for you

New To Saint Edward Parish?

We are a parish family from many lifestyles and histories, joined by our common belief in God and in his son, Jesus, the Christ.   Blessed by the Holy Spirit with a wide variety of gifts and united together through…

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RCIA – Joining the Church & Becoming Catholic

I’m not Catholic…But I’d like to know more about what the Catholic Church teaches, and why. If you are open to seeing what God is offering, you may be surprised with what you find in the Catholic faith. Many people…

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Want To Return To The Church?

Welcome Back! Whether you have been away from the Catholic Church for a long time or a little while, it doesn’t matter, we are very happy to welcome you back and want you to know that there’s a place for…

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Re-Ignite Your Spiritual Life

Have you ever felt disillusioned about your faith and filled with doubt? Matthew Kelly will take you on the adventure of a lifetime designed to help revitalize your spiritual life. Bold, practical, and inspiring, he will help you rediscover the…

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Questions About Sacraments

Are you planning to get married, baptize a child, or are you interested in any of the other sacraments? Baptism It is most appropriate to provide children with the grace of the Sacrament of Baptism and to welcome them into…

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Faith Formation

On behalf of our catechists and staff, we welcome your family to our religious instruction here at Saint Edward Parish. We willingly share with you, your responsibility regarding the religious education of your children. If you have any questions, requests,…

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Parish Life

We are a parish family with many and varied gifts offered for the service of God’s people. Our ministries, committees and organizations are staffed by volunteers who share their time and talent. These are the heart and soul of our…

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Calendar of Events

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Lenten Speaker Series: Our Mission As the People of God
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